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Whatever your security requirements, we can help…

We provide fully trained, licensed and experienced security professionals. Blue 9 Security can respond to alarm calls, at any time of the day or night, limiting any damage or theft and any danger to your staff.

Each business or site is unique and a full review of the client’s requirements will ensure that the proposed solution will be effective and efficient. Continual monitoring can guarantee that our solution will be adapted quickly to meet any change in your requirements..

Close Protection


Blue 9 Security takes great pride in its ability to provide professional, competent and discreet personal protection services.

Residential Security


Our officers are discreet, highly professional and personable, ensuring you are comfortable and that your protection is paramount.

Corporate Security


The senior management team are skilled in understanding each Client’s specific requirements and ensuring that their staff are trained to carry out duties that guarantee client satisfaction.

"I hired Blue 9 Security to provide close protection for a family member. They were discreet, highly professional and easy to get along with. I was very impressed with the service and would strongly recommend them to anybody requiring close protection services."
Andrew Clements
Customer - Close Protection


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